Experience with Apep

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Experience with Apep

Post#1 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:36 pm

This is an astral projection experience that led me to my first encounter with Apep, the Egyptian Serpent of Chaos, or so I believe it to be.

I had little experience or reading in Egyptian mythology or magick at the time, and had actively strayed from certain Golden Dawn practices reflecting this before the experience. As such, my knowledge was limited and non-existent in regards to Apep at the time of this occurrence.

One day, I woke naturally in a state of sleep paralysis after heavy study of ceremonial magick and other forms for about two weeks. The experience was not unfamiliar at first, but the visions that came after were unlike most, and intensely vivid.

There were two scenes. I will speak of the first before the encounter of what I believe to be Apep in the most base terms, of a bull-headed, winged god of immense form, standing over what felt like future Egypt and its pyramids, riddled by a vicious and terrible sandstorm.

The next experience was more short but has lasted with me for months. In that same place with this terrible sandstorm, I saw a gigantic serpent, seemingly covered and armored with sharp rocks of grey stone or scales, without eyes, a sloping head that terminated in a sharp tip of similar scales, and an open, circular maw filled with these same scales. It was not like a mouth, but more like an open cavity full of shards. From it I heard a terrible low crack, like horrible thunder but different, and I felt the most helpless feeling looking at this thing.

I came out of this sleep-paralysis state with only the inclination of this being egypt and the bull-headed god at the most basal, but was fixated on the giant, shard-covered serpent and the effect it had on me. I researched it extensively and found that Apep is of course the Serpent of Chaos but has also been considered as “covered in flint”, a sharp gray stone used commonly for arrows in days past. It matched perfectly with the being I saw in this state.

I’m wondering if anyone has had similar encounters with Apep in sleep paralysis or astral projection? This has stuck with me for ages, and I would love to hear stories if any of you are willing, or would like to weigh in.

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