My recent experiences with FAE

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My recent experiences with FAE

Post#1 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:34 am

Good day all,

I do not post as much here as I do in other forums, but I figured this might be a better venue to share my experiences with the FAE.

I am a demonolator and I do workings mostly with King Paimon, Lord Lucifer and Lord Lucifuge but I have recently began an active interest in the Fae. In my country the Philippines, we have a large plethora of nature spirits and our history prior to being colonized by spain was one of deep seated animism and druidism. So in this regard I have begun looking and reading up as much lore as I can regarding the Subject. Here in my country we call them lamang lupa (literally inside the soil) and we have a lot similar creatures that serve as counterparts of other Fae myths in other countries (giants, little fairies, tree spirits, water spirits, halfhuman half animal beings, tricksters etc)

For the last month I have been giving regular offerings to this grove of banana trees in front of my house, it is so out of place in my neighborhood as it is the only empty lot between houses and it literally has a banana trees in a circle. (I do not know much about working with Fae spirits yet as I am more well studied in Goetia and Channeling deities) so I figure lets try the conventional approach of offerings, incense, greeting them everyday etc etc.

So recently I have noticed I am getting followed by black wasps and big brown spiders, and I mean followed, in my house, in my office and even in my car) these things are nasty when they sting but they have been very benign in my presence enough so that the 5th time I had the experience rather than capture the wasp and set it free I held it in my hand and let it go outside) I have read about some connection with Fairies and insects and was wondering if this was a sign that me approaching them was going somewhere. If there is anyone here with experience working with fairies I would be most interested in learning more. The only other approach I wanna try is to meditate inside a belete tree (strangler fig) which is according to my local folklore is a nexus point of magical energy. Hoping for some insight from someone here that has more experience. Thank you for reading.
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