Working results with Sabriel,Zorael and Raphael

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Working results with Sabriel,Zorael and Raphael

Post#1 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 5:28 pm

Hi everyone.
These day i had some health issues (flue with some ugly symptoms),emotional based.I managed to knock myself down pretty well .After figuring out the real cause of the problem i decided to act before things will get really serious.My first try was the NAP healing ritual with Sabriel and Zorael.I performed if before i went to sleep .The night was very rough and long .I m not sure if it was the spirits or the disease.
The closest description it would be a very ugly LSD trip .a lot of voices in my head and every time i closed my eyes something else was happening,my entire upper body got numb but i manage to get through the night.The next day i felt so powerless that i couldn t move.I felt like i was in a bad dream.I not sure that i felt this was because of the spirits or because of the disease .At the and of the day i managed to get home and i started the treatment .

Next day i woke up with in the same condition so i decided to ask Raphael for help.I didnt had the power for fancy rituals so i took the short way.I remember a book about astral temples and talismans(NIck Farrel s book).I considered it perfect in my case .I could do it just sitting or lying on the bed.I started my meditation ,entered the Mercury temple and i called archangel Raphael,the Healer of God.
He appeared very quickly covered glowing in green light and silver sparks.In the right hand had a chalice on the left a caduceus .I didn t chat with him too much, i got straight to the point and asked for help.I didn t got any answer he just pushed the caduceus right into my chest.That i felt on a physical plane too.It was there for about 10 sec.
After he took it out I felt something different,instant relief ,something has changed.I thanked him and came back.
On the next day i hand a significant health improvement.
I m sure the meds and vitamins helped but i m sure he had something to do with it too.Soo...

Thanks Rapahel

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