The Importance of Cultivating Tradition

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The Importance of Cultivating Tradition

Post#1 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:01 am

The importance of cultivating tradition really depends on the way people think. It's a way of establishing a self or cultural identity, finding and keeping - really carrying the torch of those meaningful traditions and rituals - of what is uniquely ours. It's important to have ritual that you do on a daily basis. Something that you cultivate (even if on a basic level) is a tradition or practice.

All church ceremonies are roughly the same anywhere, and visiting the States with its wide and open terrain reaffirms that truth when you find the same gas stations, super-markets and things in every state you go in. The loss of identity and diversity, and subsequent homogeny thereof, in people of different geographical areas in the States points to another thought - that of the re-emergence of new traditions, cultures - and identities.

The revival of many reconstructionalist traditions reveals the need for diverse and enriching practices in our lives. As people have begun to breath life into the ancient ways we begin to understand more about our history, our lineages - and what it means to be human. Someone had said that since the ancient times, humans have been producing two things, and those are: ritual and art. It's something that forms the very fabric of humanism - what it means to be human.

Across the whole world, traditions and culture provide us with meaning and insight into where we've come from and who we are. The importance of these things are so profound that they can not be ignored, at least for long. Whereby the force will burst open anew.
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