Children making the best witches vs inner child

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Children making the best witches vs inner child

Post#1 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:48 pm

I read the 9 step method Qi Gong by Yin Xin recently and apart of his method makes you go back to the age of six or seven to a “naive, sweet, merciful smile” as you push out disease and pore breathe chi. As one of the practices of the 90’s that apparently gave a lot of people supernatural powers in China, I’m noticing a trend.

I also previous read a grimoire of mainly dark magic, “The book of Forbidden knowledge” I believe. And the author has a spell to make a person go permanantly insane by doing only a little work himself and then taking a group of kids to a tether court or a pole with ribbons and making them “bind” the pole while playing and singing “OH (insert name). Silly (insert name of target)...” Pure evil. Though I wouldn’t be suprised that half of the reason of using kids would be as an astral cover but why kids though.

Then there’s the idea in Christianity that one must become as children (regress to inner child?) in order to enter the Kingdom. Jesus was also typified as the sone of god, not God the father specifically. And he went around demonstrating how to heal in a way seen a way similar to people were healing with certain Qi Gong and Mo Pai. Then I believe there was a document from the early Roman church that said “bring me your children before age 7.” Would children be more powerful than worn down adults at growing an egregore? Now I’m bringing it back around:

I’m wondering what is it about being a kid that supposedly makes magick so much more effective? Is it that kids can’t tell the difference between believing and knowing? Is it that their energy cords to other people are bigger? I have no desire to use kids, but to get back into my inner child prior to age 7 since this tends to be a running theme in books of wisdom.

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