An early Christian ritual of the Eucharist

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An early Christian ritual of the Eucharist

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This ritual is from the Didache, one of the oldest Christian texts, supposedly written by the Apostles. It contains Christian teachings and precepts, rituals, as well as a short and simple Eucharist. One of the things I like about Christian magic is its simplicity, something very evident in the Lord's Prayer, which is a very simple, short and extremely powerful prayer, containing not only protection, guidance, inner transformation, but also the Eucharist itself. However, this ritual is only concentrated on the Eucharist.

First, the initiate should be baptized a Christian. The Didache offers a ritual for baptism, which is as follows:

But concerning baptism, thus shall you baptize. Having first taught all these things, baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit in living (running) water. But if you have not living water, then baptize in other water; and if you are not able in cold, then in warm. But if you have neither, then pour water on the head thrice in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. But before the baptism let him who baptizes and him who is baptized fast, and any others also who can; and you shall order him who is baptized to fast a day or two before.

This seems to be a ritual for baptizing others, not oneself, but, according to some, one can also baptize himself.

If, however, you want to be baptized by someone else, make sure he's baptized also and, most importantly, that he's either a magician or a person who believes and is capable of concentrating when doing rituals. A ritual done without faith usually doesn't work.

There's also another kind of Christian baptism which I know of. You can call on Sandalphon and talk to him about it. He is John the Baptist in Christian tradition and also, according to my experience, he is the primary initiator into the Christian mysteries, the first spirit one should call on for initiation. You can either call on him as Sandalphon or Ioannes, which is the name of John from the Gospels. I would recommend using the name Sandalphon for this one. He is the one who normally gives the true Christian baptism. Evoke him and talk to him about it. If he agrees to baptize you, you will most probably go on an astral journey with him to the spiritual river Jordan.

As for the Eucharist, the Didache doesn't say anything about fasting before it, nor on what day of the week it should be done.

The ritual

You should have an altar before you, on which a piece of bread and a cup of wine should rest.

Taking the cup in your hands, say:

We give You thanks, O our Father, for the holy vine of Your son David, which You made known to us through Your Son Jesus; Yours is the glory for ever and ever.

Taking the bread in your hands, say:

We give You thanks, O our Father, for the life and knowledge which You made known to us through Your Son Jesus; Yours is the glory for ever and ever. As this broken bread was scattered on the mountains and being gathered together became one, so may Your Church be gathered together from the ends of the earth into Your kingdom; for Yours is the glory and the power through Jesus Christ for ever and ever.

And after eating the bread and drinking the wine, say:

We give You thanks, Holy Father, for Your holy name, which You have made to dwell in our hearts, and for the knowledge and faith and immortality, which You have made known to us through Your Son Jesus; Yours is the glory for ever and ever. Almighty Master, You created all things for Your name's sake, and gave food and drink to men for enjoyment, that they might give You thanks; but gave us spiritual food and drink and eternal life through Your Son. Before all things we give You thanks that You are powerful; Yours is the glory for ever and ever. Remember, Lord, Your Church, to deliver it from all evil and to perfect it in Your love; and gather it together from the four winds, sanctified for Your kingdom which You have prepared for it; for Yours is the power and the glory for ever and ever. May grace come and may this world pass away. Hosanna to the God of David. If any man is holy, let him come; if any man is not holy, let him repent. Maran Atha. Amen.

The Didache adds, concerning the ritual:

But let no one eat or drink of this eucharistic thanksgiving, except those who have been baptized into the name of the Lord; for concerning this also the Lord has said: Do not give what is holy to the dogs.

If anyone here practices Christian magic and decides to give it a try, please do post your impressions. A good day to all! :D
But be thou sure that clear sight shall never man have here in this life: but the feeling may men have through grace when God vouchsafeth.

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