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Peering into the future

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:33 am
by Pyronox
Hello everyone,

Glad to post here again. So I've had this idea of some kind of a spell to peer into one of the most probable futures, which is still better than not peering at all, so I'm thinking I could give it a try. It's based on the belief that a human can do things under certain conditions that might seem... improbable, in lack of a better term. So I will attempt to enter a sort of deep gnosis, project our known universe in my mind, fast forward it, then zoom in on my room where my laptop is in the evening, and see myself opening it and accessing this random number generator:

Now, of course, I think it works better if I am boosted by an entity or several, even. Which entities would you recommend for this? One of my ideas is working with Tsafkiel, the Archangel associated with... btw... is it with Saturn or Binah?

Thank you for posting reaaaaally interesting stuff. Btw, this forum (then it was has contributed a lot to my magical development.