magic via the Internet

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magic via the Internet

Post#1 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:19 am

This is a forum for advanced practitioners. So please can we try to approach my proposal from a magically mature but intellectual manner. Perhaps newby’s and those with plenty of talk but little magical experience may abstain from reading because this is my topic and it will be moderated hard by me when I get back. I am a grown man so do not want an echo chamber but ask for some intellectual rigour to challenge my thinking. I am not a delicate flower. lol

My ongoing practical work first in Hunting Lodges and secondly the ATRs has led me to a keen interest in what some would call occult pathology and psychic attack & defence.

OK here it goes.

My question.
Is it possible to attack someone or any group via the internet?

My answer.

It depends on what is meant by an attack… An attack does not have to lead to the target spinning their head around 360 degrees before projectile vomiting, nor any of the pyrotechnics of the Hollywood blockbuster. It could be a lot minor. What I am looking at here is a possible mechanism that can indicate a proof of principle.
Here is an observation. Some people from the old EM experienced a thoughtform or artificial elemental that was in the forum. I did not have any experience of this. I understand that the entity has been retired now. If this is true then this further supports the possibility of attack via the internet.

My proposal is a follows.

Yes it is possible to mount a low level attack. The mechanism is possibly via usernames. I would suggest that we all have picked:
1) Usernames that mean something to us i.e. resonate with us. and
2) More importantly we have, over time closely identified with our usernames.

Again this is something that is influenced by drawing on my experience in the ATRs which hold many paradigms that are not known to the current Western Magical framework.

I genuinely want to hear the thoughts of the advanced magicians but any sensible post will be gratefully received. I would be happy for people to disagree with me. My thinking may be flawed on this topic but this is however my OP so will not tolerate trolls.
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