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Post#1 » Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:26 am

"Often, we seem more interested in making identifications and classifications than we are in the spirits themselves. Among these is the 'spirits are pagan gods' approach. One way or other, there's no systematically identifying spirits with figures from the pagan past; such a process is very hit and miss. On the 'miss' side is that we may be comparing apples and oranges; the pagans had gods, but they also had spirits. Many with either no name or so many we have no chance of making such identifications.
It is the roles of such spirits that are important. Knowing whether or not *our* 'gatekeeper', or 'guide' is the same as this, that or the other one from a bygone culture doesn't accomplish much. Knowing what a gatekeeper does, and having access to one is much more useful.

In short, making such identifications is largely unnecessary and generally serves no purpose. The *models* from Late Antiquity are still inherent in the spirit hierarchies, be it the decans, the sublunar world or another. Exploring them, and working with the spirits concerned, is as 'pagan' as it gets." JSK

Seems like of late we have been having a lot of new conversations around here about politics, about mystico-quasi-religion, about everything but magic.

So, thought I'd throw out a thought starter that recently came across my radar.

This forum is for operative occultists. Newbies are welcome to acquaint themselves with Wizardforums ... New age religionists are welcome to drop by

Let's do some magic around here.

Or in the words of Pete Carroll, some git'ard magic. ;)

Feel free to riff on the JSK discussion prompt.

Back to work people.


Ars non Fortuna

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