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How do you stop something from happening?

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:55 am
by summerland
Call it fate your own shit from the past. But what do you do when all the signs are there? Friend dreamed something was going to happen to me, My mother moving stuff around in the house to warn me of something. When deep down in your gut you know something going to happen....But dont know what.....Rituals? ...Well how do you ask them that when you dont know yourself how to ask them because you dont know the outcome?

Divination? Never been good at reading myself and frankly scared to know. Ive never believed in fate because that can be rearranged. Coincidence? I dont believe in that either because their reasons for everything that happens to you be it bad or good. How do you stop it? It would be nice if i could put Elubatel in rewind so i can see it play out before it happens...Open for suggestions.... I just know something is going to happen theres just too many signs here.

Whatever it is i was at work stood my my truck and looked down and saw one card ten of spades faced up looking dead at me.