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Pop culture magic

Post#1 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:59 pm

Hey guys, first time in a long time that I posted. Especially here.

I've come across an interesting topic in some occult circles and was wondering what your take is, the topic is pop culture magic. First a definition, pop culture magic is the use of pop culture symbols/characters for a traditional magical practices. For example, placing the image of the Punisher on a black candle to reverse negativity done to you, or working with the energy of a popular character as invocation.

At first I was very skeptical on this type of magic because it seems outlandish. Seeing as these characters are fairly recent creations they couldn't possibly have that much power even if they have millions of watchers pouring their attention/energy into them (Fandoms are strong), their age could cause them to be less effective than traditional deities/entities. Although these characters are new they are so familiar because if you really think about it, every character is an embodiment of a certain archetype. A preexisting archetype, coupled with millions of devoted viewers and participants into the personal mythos, and them being created as a passion project (being brought to life by the creator, think Parvati and Ganesha, or more appropriately Gepetto and pinocchio) brought to life by a wish. I think of these characters as thought forms for public use, and are an interesting form of magic.

Just wondering if you guys have used pop culture magic in any form, and how that went for you.

Side note if you guys have any opinion on one of the newest waifu's to take the internet by storm, Earth chan. She has been depicted as loving, forgiving, and protecting maybe it's possible to use that image for certain energy or path workings.

Just a thought.
earth chan.png
credit to the Tumblr user Wild-somepony

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