Stop silently consenting to things.

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Stop silently consenting to things.

Post#1 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:50 pm

I have a new meditation.

It centers around the phrase "I do not consent to this.".

I usually like it better to peruse positive formulations, but let me explain.

By now I believe that things in our world are amiss because a small percentage of people are naturally centered on themselves and nothing else around them. That means they take advantage of everyone else wherever possible, with utter disregard for the well-being of others. They pressure, bribe, blackmail, torture and kill. But that in itself is not enough to produce the havoc we are experiencing. These people wouldn't be able to do much damage if only we didn't silently consent to a lot of things.

Examples: taxes, corruption, emotional coldness, distrust, organized crime (and its massive, massive ties to governments and corporations), sex shaming (I mean the gender and the act), poverty, censorship, suppression of technology, college debt scams, ... and that's just a small selection off the top of my head.

Yeah, I get it. We need money on a daily basis to live, we'd be thrown in jail if we showed our naked bodies in public, and our governments are going to come down like a shit ton of bricks on us if we'd outright refuse to pay our taxes. But even then there's one small -- or maybe not so small! -- thing left that we can do.

Say no.

Say, just in your head if you must, though aloud is better, "I do not consent to this.". Every time you get a large bill for basic necessities. Every time you feel lonely. Every time you feel lack of money or love. Every time you see plants, minerals, animals and people being killed, evicted, beaten, maltreated, starved. Every time something bugs you and you feel helpless.

Action and change follow thought and word. State your will.

Join me.

Wake up.

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