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The names of God are hidden, in Christianity

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:37 am
by Sepherion
And I wonder why. In every other religion or spiritual practice, the names of the gods and spirits are exoteric. But in Christianity, there's almost always a grammatical catch when it comes to using them in ritual, otherwise they don't have any power. Could someone help me understand why?

For example, the name of the Father is not Theos, but Otheos. The omicron signifies "the", so it would be "the God", in a word.

These other two don't work in nominative: Lord is not Kyrios, but Kyrie. Jesus is not Iesous, but Iesou.

The only one that works in nominative, just as it is given in the text, is Parakletos, which is a form of the Holy Spirit.