A Personal Tutelary Spirit Operation

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A Personal Tutelary Spirit Operation

Post#1 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:26 pm

The following is offered as a guide for interested parties. For anyone who engages the operation, I'll continue to monitor the thread and answer any questions that arise while carrying it out, to the best of my ability.

Questions, comments, and criticism from the general readership are also welcome. Some of the ideas underpinning the operation may be somewhat controversial.

To begin...

The end goal of the working described here is to establish contact with a Personal Tutelary Spirit, whose role will thereafter be to serve as guide and teacher. The premise is that proficiency in magic learned by book, word, and experimentation has limits. Those limitations can be transcended, but those limitations are deeply personal. In kind, the techniques for transcending one's limitations are themselves deeply personal. It's reasonable to assume that a dedicated magic practice carried out for long enough (decades at the least) could lead to transcendence of that nature. This method, however, aims to speed the process.

If the term, Personal Tutelary Spirit is taken literally, then any spirit contacted by this operation must have deep knowledge of the person and their limitations. A literal interpretation isn't essential, however. The Tutor can as well be understood as something akin to ones Higher Self. However one understands the concept, it should fit well within their current conceptual framework. For some, an ancestral spirit idea may be best, for others an individual guardian angle that was assigned to the individual at birth, and still for others it could be an ascended master or extra terrestrial entity. The main thing is that whatever it really is, its qualities must include the perceptual capacity to see the aspirant's limitations and the knowledge of how to transcend them.

However one envisions the Guide/Teacher, to my mind one's clear conception of the function combined with steadfast intention steers the outcome. I maintain that if the one performs the operation with a clear concept and steady intent, the outcome will be as advertised: ongoing guidance in personally transcendent magic techniques.

The operation was inspired, largely, by the Abramelin Operation. Some of the technical features were inspired by an unpublished (as far as I know) operation developed for the OTA (Carroll "Poke" Runyon's group). The rest is based on how I personally understand things.

As an advanced note to potential critics, if after review you believe the operation won't lead to what Crowley meant by Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, or what the original author of the Abremalin text intended, I would not disagree, mostly because I think those conceptions have something of a Rorschach effect, so that different critics might mean different things when they say so. What the operation does in the best case scenario is provide the aspirant with things they can use to transcend their current limitations. If anyone disagrees with that, I'm interested to hear their reasons.


The preparatory features of the operation are:

    To withdraw from the potential mental and emotional distractions of routine, mundane affairs
    An intensive self-examination
    Developing a deep and sincere state of generalized humility.

Once the preparatory steps have been accomplished, the remainder of the operation is designed to take place in a single culminating event, which ideally consists of:

    Establishing a state that is conducive to the experience of the Personal Tutelary Spirit
    Establishing two-way communication with it
    Establishing a personal mode of contacting the Spirit in the future
    Optional additional communication/goals as inspiration dictates.

Some preliminary skills are required to carry out the operation. I'll address those and ways to development if necessary in the next post, and will lay out the operation in a series of posts thereafter. Questions, comments, and criticism are welcome at any stage along the way.
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