Practical career and wealth magics

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Practical career and wealth magics

Post#1 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:56 am

This is something that has had a significant impact on my own career and wealth. I hope that you will all share something that you have done to improve your career or earning potential so that we can have a practical resource (sans all the generic self help stuff ;-)) upon which people can draw to better their circumstances.

This works best when (or just before) you start a new job, but it can always be used later if the need arises.

1. Evoke Tiriel, the Intelligence of Mercury.

Judging by the lamen I still use for him, I may have evoked him using some Aurum Solis methods initially, but these days I tend to use a generic Trithemius type set up with a crystal sphere.

2. Ask Tiriel to provide you with a patron at your company who will act as a mentor.

I find it helps if you are very clear with what skills you want to develop and what sort of assistance you want. It is much better to ask for a mentor who will, for example, help you develop project management skills and encourage you to take any useful qualifications than it is to ask for a mentor who will promote you. That way you get to learn new valuable skills and you avoid getting Harvey Weinsteined. It is also better to ask for a patron who will want to help you than it is to latch on to the most senior or powerful person there because they are not always the best option.

3. Once a suitable patron appears, establish a relationship and ask them to be your mentor.

If they agree, thank Tiriel and develop your relationship with your mentor. I find it helps to think of your mentor as a sort of familiar of Tiriel through which that Intelligence communicates. It is worth taking seriously any advice they give you pertaining to your career. It's also worth understanding that your relationship can be friendly but it is still best if it reamins a somewhat formal one (YMMV though).

These days I might elect a suitable time to ask to be a mentee, and I might take measures to ensure our relationship is friendly, but I don't think they are essential.

I still keep in touch with many of the people who have been mentors to me in the past, and they have given me career advive and notified me of job opportunities long after I have left the companies I initially met them.


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