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The Reality Of OBE

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:07 pm
by dron
i had an OBE experience and it was something i'll remember as long as i live..I was lying in my bed waiting to sleep as usual,and sudenly i was standing in the corner of my room,lookind directly at my own self who was sleeping.I wasn't care about what's going on,because the feeling of freedom was so intense,that i doubt if i can find the right words to describe it..

I realize that for some reason i had seperated from my physical body,and now i was living the experience of another reality which was MORE real from the mundane one...Everything around me was the same as usual,with the only difference that i was outside of my body.

Then i passed through the wall like it was the most natural thing in the world,and i found my self floating in the nightsky,seeing everything with great detail even from a long distance.I saw things like ''light regions'' which i knew they were acessible and i could get there,but for some reason something was telling me that this was my first time and if i want to run,then first i have to learn how to walk..

Then i felt that my physical body was calling -pulling me down and unfortunaly i was back in my room,looking my own body snorting,and i was wondering why and who imprisoned us to have flesh bodies.I wasn't willing to re enter my physical body,but i felt the urge that i had to do it..

So i enter my body and after some moments i woke up,feeling like a truck had passed over me,and depressed.I tried to escape again,but i ended up sleeping....

So for me,
OBE is very real...