Astral Parasites

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Astral Parasites

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I want to start a little discussion about astral parasites, but I must confess I know so little about this subject that I don't really know where to begin... What I want to talk about is the different kinds of parasites, their behaviour and how to get rid of them.

What little I know from my own experience is that they can be somewhere on a scale between irritating and lethal. Some of them seems to be like the most mindless animals, and perhaps even more mindless. A common type looks just like a black blob. And some of them are more advanced sentient beings. There are also those who are quite powerful spirits.

Many of them aren't evil, they just have to feed like all of us. But some are truly malicious.I have seen some nasty bastards looking like devils. They usually haunt places like mental institutions and other sites with bad energy. I don't think those are very powerful, however, it seems more like they're wearing Halloween costumes to scare people...

Astral parasites also seem to differ by their manner of feeding. Some are drawn to negative emotions and try to provoke those feelings. Some like sex. Others seems to be able to eat pure life energy.

This is just my own observations, and what I heard from a few fellow occultists. Haven't read much about this topic, but what little I read have been in a certain sensational style, about extreme cases, which made me a little bit sceptical. I also have a feeling - perhaps unfair - that this is a somewhat neglected field of Spirit Study. Perhaps because they are disgusting. And rarely useful... Or are they?

Now I wonder what knowledge you wish to share on this topic!

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