Mind Palace and Astral Projection

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Mind Palace and Astral Projection

Post#1 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:37 pm

So a few weeks ago, while I was meditating, my mind started to wander to what seemed like a forest. I saw myself, but a more experienced and magickal self, bearded and with a robe. I could talk to him and at the same time I was him (I later interpreted him as my magickal conciousness).
I kept walking and eventually I reached a tower. Even though I had never been there, I kept "making it up" as I entered it, using my hands to open doors, seeing statues of my favorite deities, and eventually reaching the top. It was like a laboratory, much like a Mage's tower in the movies, which still needs to be filled.
I believe I unconciously created some sort of "mind palace", where my magickal conscience resides or manifests, and through which it is easier to meditate (this was all done without any knowledge on astral projection, my mind just "took" me there).
Some people have told me it was a form of astral projection, and that it could be used a safe place from which to explore the astral and do all sorts of magick stuff.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Are there any recommended reads on astral projection, exploring the astral for a beginner?
Also, I have read of people doing rituals on the astral plain. What would be the difference between that and doing rituals in the physical world?

Hoping to get your insight on this!

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