Spirits and fire magic

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Spirits and fire magic

Post#1 » Thu May 18, 2017 11:49 pm

Feel free to talk about all kinds of spirits who are related to fire magic...

This is my contribution to start with:

Fire magic: Vehuiah, Melahel and Seeiah are the best experts of fire magic among the Shem angels. Vehuiah teaches about all things about fire element in magic and alchemy in general. Melahel instructs you how to control fire and be in good terms with its spirits. Seeiah mostly teaches about how to evoke different fiery spirits.

The following heads of the Earth Zone are also responsible for the fire magic:

1. Morech (1° Aries) - active, impulsive and extreme knowledge 
2. Malacha (2° Aries) - the fire element on different planes
3. Kosem (1° Leo) - fire in the Earth Zone
4. Aluph (1°Scorpio) - fire on the physical plane of the Earth
5. Bekaro (22° Aries) - salamanders 
6. Molabeda (2° Taurus) - secrets of nature and sex
7. Nudatoni (2° Cancer) - volcanoes and earthquakes
8. Serap (1° Taurus) - passion
9. Lurchi (4° Aries) - love and wealth
10. Galago (12° Taurus) - impregnation of aura
11. Tabbata (10° Leo) - Invulnerability, especially against the fire

Some of those heads are very mighty so it is better to evoke them outside. The magician may, for example, be taught by Molabeda how to stop volcanoes either through magic formulae, mind power, intervention of relevant spirits, appeasement of responsible salamanders, or in some other way.. Nudatoni can also prevent the volcano eruptions if that is the magician’s special request. In other words, it is very easy to ignite fire during the evocation of those spirits, so one needs to be very careful with them.

There are all possible kinds of salamanders. Some of the tiniest are attached to the candle flames. They are eager to act especially when the candles are used in the love magic rituals. Some fiery spirits are very mighty. Malacha can for example help the magician become a friend with powerful royal family of dragons. Galago gives all possible information about dragons and can also teach you how to breathe like a dragon. One of the most important fiery spirit is Aftif, a high priest of the Fire Temple, who has very friendly attitude towards human beings and some human priests are under his supervision.

Some towns in the fiery part of the Earth Zone appear to be made of fire, while others do not look so much different from our world’s towns. It is not always easy to spot salamanders because they have learned how to hide themselves from the human sights. They agree to show their regions only to the magician they truly like. Lurchi has, for example a very joyful company of subordinate spirits who are representatives of the most carefree and pleasurable aspects of the fire element. They live in a very romantic region of the Earth Zone. Lurchi’s settlements are frequently visited by other spirits, not only because of their beauty. By mere walking through Lurchi’s fields, they would immediately regain additional sources of energy and vitality.

And I also have certain experiences with the spirits of fire from tarot...
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