Ouija Board & Mischievous Spirits

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Ouija Board & Mischievous Spirits

Post#1 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:00 am

I have been using a ouija board lately. In fact all I have is a piece of paper with the circle of the alphabet and I place one finger on the board and I am psychically open enough for my finger to move around the letters easily and at speed. I thought I would contact my spirit guides this way. Several times I mention my name and call my spirit guides and obviously this has not been the case as what I have been told has later not come to pass or later I discover the information given to me has been completely inaccurate and the spirit or spirits I have been in contact with have clearly been mischievous and have been downright dishonest. This doesn't surprise me at all with the experiences of friends experimenting with the ouija board at parties but I am baffled as to why my spirit guides haven't come forward first in the queue to speak to me as my questions have been sincere and serious and are not frivolous. I have thought that maybe it would be necessary to perform the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram first but I keep thinking why should I? After all I have some serious questions I want answered and my spirit guides should be there immediately to help rather than some immature spook wanting to play games with me. surely my spirit guides can't be there in the background being completely aloof allowing these dishonest spirits to play games with me. I would understand if I was using the ouija board like a parlour game but I am not. I need some help and guidance from my guides. I am baffled to say the least. Perhaps a few folk on here have the experience to know why this happens please?
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