Sorcery of Hekate course review

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Sorcery of Hekate course review

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Sorcery of Hekate – Jason Miller course review

I thought the SA community might appreciate a brief review of Jason Miller’s Sorcery of Hekate course, the cycle of which is coming to an end for me, with one lesson to go. I enrolled in the course after being approached by her many months ago. I had also found myself at a crossroads where I was getting some conflicting divination on where to go next with my magical practices and it was recommended I try some formal courses.

What wasn’t apparent at the time, was the crossroads is actually the place to be! I had done some work with her on my own prior to the course, and also dabbled momentarily in the MAS model (aka a shard of Hekate) before enrolling (please, please skip the MAS step!!!).

So, what do you get?
For $600 USD, you receive fortnightly lessons that include study guides, ritual docs, and audio lessons, along with fortnightly Q&A audio following each lesson. It runs for 6 months. There is also a facebook group you can join. You will find that there are additional purchase requirements or at least ferreting to gather make things and implement the lessons, it has a number of practical elements to it. These can be very low cost or whatever suits your budget. You can just receive the material each fortnight and implement it at your own pace, but the sorcery is in the doing.

Who is this course for?
It is for anyone interested in working more closely with the Goddess Hekate that does not suffer fluffy bunny wicca gladly. You will need to be open to working a largely divined/UPG system, but that has strong roots to classical texts for the most part. Anyone can join, and there are multiple purchase options like monthly payments to pay the $100 per month.

The course material is pitched at a more intermediate practitioner in my opinion, as the Q&A sessions at least in my round demonstrated it can be a steep learning curve for some folk who are new to magic, as there are some more complex visualisation and solid ritual work involved. It is also for people who want to get their boots dirty, if you are looking for a pure worship model, stick with wicca. This is well and truly in Jason’s lane of sorcery, so morality, karma etc are parked at the door. You want to open doors up to your advantage – tick. You want to curse someone, this has you covered. Feel like you need to change your fate? Step up and spin the thread. You want to learn more of the depth and reach of Hekate, you really should consider this course.

No spoilers, but suffice to say there are many roads that run off Hekate’s crossroads, she has so many faces and relationships in history to explore. I have definitely significantly deepened my relationship with her, and continue to do so. The magic is absolutely effective, and once you have the foundation you are by no means limited to the course material. Establish a solid relationship with her and you can learn all sorts of things beyond the coursework, things just keep opening up. Safe to say, there is a lifetime of practical sorcery and inner world work available through and then beyond the course.

The not so good?
At the outset, I felt this was a little pricey compared to his Sorcerers Secrets which runs at $150 USD, especially for me when you do the conversion from USD to AUD. The Q&A sessions can be such a grind, and there he is really earning the money, it can be hard to listen to mostly inane questions for over an hour, let alone have to answer them without cursing the lot of them. So many folks are so literal, questions like ‘So I have an axe, can I chop wood?” arrive with painful repetition. However, there are gems in the answers that crop up in the Q&A’s on occasion, so I found they were worth persevering with.

I feel that some of the material needs refinement, it can be at times inconsistent even within the lessons, study guides and then the shorthand visualisation documents can contradict each other, and some of the obvious ones could and should be tidied up given how many cycles he has done now. It would also reduce the insane number of benign questions, making his life easier.

Some lessons will be less relevant to you depending on your circumstance and interests, but it is nice to have the material there if you need it. But this is true of almost every course of study I have done, magic or otherwise.

If there was a choice to just buy the lessons in the future and not participate in the Q&A it would be my preferred route if you are capable and can apply your own brain to material. But nonetheless money well spent for me in terms of the returns it has given.

The bottom line for me?
I signed up for the second course, Hekate 2, and will be working with her for a long time to come. He has opened up the first course again for enrolment, and it kicks off on December 5 from memory. If you are interested, here's the link ... Qqp4XavSuk

12 Months on, an update

I thought it would be a nice idea to update this review. I didn't end up doing the second course. Since completing the first course, a few things began to unfold for me. A big one is the mantra, which is the foundation of the system and contact to Hekate within the system. Firstly, where is all this energy going? It has been posted publically, it is IO HEKA IO HO. Jason said specifically not to say Hekate, but HEKA. But think about this for a second, rather than blindly accept it: you are adding all this chanting energy to a pool of Heka, or magic, as yet undefined. And you don't use this at any point to direct the energy from this later in the ritual. As a stand alone mantra, it has nothing to do with Hekate, other than Hekate works with magic.

So if people are looking for a boost to any magic workings, calling on 'all the power of HEKA' might not be such a bad idea these days, because thousands of mantras are boosting its power each day by people doing the course.

I have subsequently found that using PGM invocations directly, singing Hekate's Orphic Hymn, and using the ritual 'Calling of the Sevenths from the Book of Abrasax as the preparatory work before invocation works better for me personally. Your mileage may vary. I still found the course material useful, and learned quite a bit at the time, but in hindsight I could have spent less on a few good books for the same result.
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