Spirit Attachment

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Spirit Attachment

Post#1 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:22 pm

In the past I've had an active interest in spirit attachment, talking to people who think they have it, reading about it, and trying to help people. Now I think it's possible I have some kind of attachment going on. I will explain the symptoms and please let me know what you think.

I started getting this little hard lump on the underside of my left foot, sort of at the base of the middle toe. It's on a softer part of the foot, not a place that you would expect to get calloused. It is slightly painful when I walk normally, so I have adjusted the way I walk to ease the pain.

More recently I started feeling light vibrations in the left leg that are near constant, but either more intense or more noticeable when I go to sleep at night. The behavior of the vibration is varied. Sometimes, I will feel a simple throbbing around the knee, on the bottom of the foot, or near the location of the hard lump on the bottom of my foot. Sometimes what feels like a net of electricity will climb up my leg and stop at the top of my thigh.

What's kind of interesting is, I seem to have some ability to make it lessen or stop completely when I recite prayers in my head, like the Lord's Prayer, for example, or an evocation of Michael. I have a bag of sand blessed by Catholic priests, and I have slept with that under my leg which successfully stopped the electric sensations.

I also noticed that at night, I will get impressions in my imaginal vision of scary faces. Out of nowhere last night, I was disturbed by the flash of a creepy character which lingered in my mind's eye. This is not necessarily new, now that I think of it, but it used to only happen when I was nearly asleep, letting my imagination run wild. Now it seems to happen more spontaneously when I am not even close to sleeping.

It is possible I've had long term attachments. As a child I lived in places where people had recently died, I was disrespectful in graveyards, and in general, I had a very chaotic and confused childhood.

I have also frequently felt the sensation of bugs crawling on me while going to sleep. I thought this was normal and everybody felt this, but recently I realized it's not so common. Now it has changed a bit, and there is an emphasis of activity in my leg and foot.

I get the feeling that something is going to work on my leg, doing who knows what, possibly getting in through a hole in my aura near my foot, which has manifested physically as a lump.

Just as I write this, the net of electricity went up my thigh. Now, I'm not ruling out the possibility of biological weirdness going on, but I just have a suspicion that the cause is not purely biological.

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.

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