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Do pagan gods live in Beriah?

Posted: Fri May 24, 2013 2:03 pm
by MMA_Magus
In Hermetic Qabalah my understanding of the four worlds, and the entities that inhabit them breakdown like this:

Atziluth: Names of God, Level of Nothingness (eternal archetypes)... Example: God say's rest.

Beriah: Archangels and pagan gods, Level of Creation (mental concepts)...Example: Archangels/gods say, I think the boss wants a chair.

Yetzirah: Angels, daemons, jinn, elementals, Level of Formation (astral)...Example: Various spirits get to work on designing chairs

Assiah: Man, animals, plants, minerals, Level of Material (physical realm)...Example: Manifestation of various types of chairs.

So, my question is are the pagan deities like Suen/Nebo/Ishtar/Shamash/Nergal/Marduk/Ninurta/Ea/Anu equivalent to Gabriel/Raphael/Hanael/Michael/Kamael/Tzadkiel/Zaphkiel/Raziel/Metatron?

By equivalent I don't mean exactly the same, just inhabiting the same world/level.