Qabalah Clarification - Pathworking Question

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Qabalah Clarification - Pathworking Question

Post#1 » Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:07 am

'Morning folks!

After reading a fair amount on the Qabalah, over the years, I now find myself at the point where I'm confident enough to begin some initial basic pathworkings.

I've already had a couple of interesting experiences with Malkuth, and will be looking to move to Yesod within the next week or so.

However; many of the books I've read (I'm currently reviewing Simplified Qabala Magic by Ted Andrews) don't give too much of an indication as to whether I have to to start every journey with Malkuth, and work through all the previous sephiroth, up to the one I'm going to be focussing on?

If this is the case, do I simply move through each of the lower paths, acknowedging their temples/God names/Archangels, without hanging about, until I reach my destination...or can I simply leap straight to the one I'm aiming for, without moving through the preceeding ones?

All wisdom very greatfully received :-)

(If anyone's interested, you can view my progress to date on my LiveJournal - see my sig!)


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