On the nature of the Qliphoth - Lurianic Kabbalah

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On the nature of the Qliphoth - Lurianic Kabbalah

Post#1 » Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:03 am

Hi all,

on top of the July thread - which summarized a lot already - let me share some additional information on the nature of the Qliphoth. Here is why I think this could matter:

Before anyone goes ahead to do pathworking or even rituals with the forces of the Qliphoth it's important to truly grasp the nature of these spirits. As Kabbalah is a living tradition there are many different opinions on this subject; however, Lurianic Kabbalah and the subsequent Hasidic movement were two of the most influential voices within orthodox Jewish Kabbalah to come up with a more in-depth theory of the Qliphoth.

I have tried to give an abbreviated overview on each Qliphoth, it's nature and the process of their origin according to Lurianic Kabbalah on a new page. You can access it here:
- http://www.myoccultcircle.com
- click on 'Circles'
- click on 'On the nature of the Qliphoth'

Hope this information is helpful - and makes you curious to dive into Gershom Sholem's thorough analysis in ‘Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism’.

Frater Acher

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