Exploring Malkuth

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Exploring Malkuth

Post#1 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:28 pm

The first thing I saw was a winged animal that reminded me of Babylonian art. Then I closed my eyes and saw an image of a huge figure that quickly disapeared then everything went light blue and I felt like I was speeding forward then I saw a large cube. I opened my eyes and focused my mind on the screen and saw an image of an angel descending a staircase followed by a profile of an angel.

I saw three pillars (probably the black pillar, the white pillar and then grey pillar). Next I saw the enterior of a place resembling a Greek temple and robed figures standing together in a line staring me. After that I saw a woman garbed in a thin robe staring at me, the image shifted to same woman standing behind pillars with a huge throne over her head, not a simple chair either this was a highly elaborate and heavily decorated throne.

Seconds later I saw images of stairs, bridges and two bridges that formed a circle, then I saw some robed men on a boat with a bridge over them, this image remained on screen for a few minutes, then I saw some sandals and then a horse. Next I saw a man worshipping at a cubic altar with someone hanging behind him. Then Sandalphon's face rushed toward me, for a few minuts I saw Sandalphon from different perspectives.

Then I closed my eyes and saw a curtain (or more accurately a veil) between two pillars, I said VITRIOL (the formula of Malkuth) for a little while and the curtain slowly parted, in the corners I saw brief flashes of bizarre symbols (it wasn't the Hebrew alphabet). All of a sudden a beautiful flash of countless symbols arranged in a complex circle danced before me and slowly vanished. I opened my eyes only to be greeted by of a bridge followed by an image of a helmet and that's all I remember.

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