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Telesmatic Images

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:32 pm
by Draconis94
So lately I've been doing a series of divinations (Tarot, Runes, and I Ching) to obtain information concerning whether I would meet a romantic partner for marriage or permanent relationship. [Note: I had various dreams and visions about raising a family and have come to see this as True Will, please don't debate this and focus on the actual question coming up.]

So long story short, I asked for the physical characteristics of this woman, through tarot, and got the Moon, The Aeon, and The Universe (Thoth Deck), which are the hebrew letters Qoph, Shin and Tau.

What would this woman look like based on these letters and the telesmatic image formed thereby?

I know this might be a bit of an aggressive approach to divination but I don't like any uncertainty in my future.