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I believe this has the potential to be an interesting question. I read a while ago that most of the occult scholars are not fully aware of the origin or root of the entity HRU, which of course is evoked when doing a Tarot reading according to the Golden Dawn model. I believe this is quite appealing, since I think (I could be wrong) that in his book Magick In Theory And Practice Frater Perdurabo mentions that before doing a reading it is a good idea to call down a spirit related with the question at hand.

So of course the question arises, is HRU a general purpose entity? Or it has an specific area? Because if the answer to the latter question is yes, is there a possibility that the Tarot Operator could be receiving limited answers?

One of the main reasons why I ask is because when doing Tarot readings I have noticed that questions of an emotional nature are answered with astounding efficacy (sometimes even revealing information that the querent is keeping secret) but when posing questions about a material matter the complexity of the answer increases a lot...

Is not that I am complaining, since Tarot has helped me to increase my revenue, taking decisions that without Tarot I would not have made, but I was thinking if another entity could be summoned to increase the effectiveness in material topics.

Has somebody tried to modify the standard Golden Dawn text? Add/Remove entities?

As always I immensely appreciate your input.
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