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Equating the Goddess and God (wiccan) on the Tree of Life

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:49 pm
by Feywer96
In my studies of the Tree of Life, I know that Binah is the 'Mother of Understanding' and Chokmah is the 'Father of Wisdom'. The formed Triangle with Kether creates the 'Garden of Eden', and one must cross the Abyss to enter. Man is placed at the bottom in Malkuth, the sensory, physical kingdom.

Artistic Tree of Life in progress.jpg
Artistic Tree of Life (in progress)

With this, I've created a diagram (work in progress!), that places the wiccan Goddess on Binah, and the Horned God as Chokmah. Man sits in Malkuth. A problem I ran into, is also that the Goddess may also be equated with Yesod - could it be safe to equate both Binah *and* Yesod with the Goddess, because not only a goddess of the Moon, she's a Goddess that represents the feminine principal within nature. With that said, the Horned God represents the masculine principal within nature - so suitingly he gets placed as Chokmah.

Also, the 'Ancient Ones' known within the Wiccan texts, I placed at Kether, because it seemed to just fit, being the source where the male and female spring :-)

Would these be appropriate attributions?