Spilling the beans.

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Spilling the beans.

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Bare with me folks, I realize many have a tendency to want to stray away from Judeo traditions, yet they find themselves compelled by Qabbalah. I want to share a very significant secret that no Rabbi or High Ceremonial Magician will ever share concerning Cabbalah. It is time for the Apocalypse, we all asked for it and here it is.

First lets examine the word and understand the importance of linguistics and this mystery tradition. Many of our words carry more than one meaning lets look at the word "spell" itself. We spell words with letters, and just as the Father of all creation spoke and set in motion all of creation, in whose image we were created. The word Abracadabra has Aramaic roots and transliterated it would mean in English, "I create as I speak." To put it simply without getting into semantics, Kabbalah is a mystic tradition carried by the paternal side of some Jewish families. Cabbalah is a mystic tradition born out of Kabbalah and adapted to Christianity. Qabbalah is the mystic practice readapted for the age of aQuarius (emphasis on the Q)

The secret I am about to divulge should shed light on and is intended to enrich your understanding as well as show you one of the greatest spiritual truths that has been right in front of all of our eyes, yet few have understood until now. You hold the Ark of the Covenant. Everytime you see a rainbow, you are seeing the tree of life manifested into the realm of Malkuth. Most people understand the diagram of the Tree of Life in three pillars, with four worlds of emanation, and ten Sephiroth. It is very important to understand and continuously study the diagram and what it communicates, but it is also important to recognize the occult side of this. The very definition of occult, references that which is unseen or obscured. Your Ocular lense is what allows you to experience the sight of a rainbow. A rainbow or any bow is a portion or half of a circle, the same type of circle of protection used in Ceremonial traditions surrounds you constantly, a circle has no begining or end, just like our creator from whose image again we derive. From a Judeo perspective the first appearance of a rainbow was after Noah and his family had survived the great flood, God sent the rainbow as a promise to never flood the earth again, thus the Ark of the Rainbow, and we as descendents of Noah's Ark are included in Gods covenant. Yes you are indeed the fleshy fruit of the tree of life, not only are your sperm and eggs the fertilized seed of which we should be fruitful and multiply but also simultaneously just as the amino acids that code your DNA your spirit codes the seed deep within you.

You stand on earth composed of flesh thus all are "initiated" in the Sephiroth of Malkuth. The rainbow itself contains eight colors, some would argue and say seven they are not totally wrong but for the sake of this observation we divide Purple into Violet and Indigo.
Yesod=blue, Hod=orange, Netzach=green, Tiphereth=yellow, Geburah=red, Chesed=violet, Binah=black/grey or shade, Chokmah=Indigo, Kether=white or absence of color. And beyond color spectrum the Ain Soph Aur is symbolic of spectrums of ultraviolet and beyond which also references the firmament and the aether.

And to conclude this article I would like us to examine the word Apocalypse, and understand that it means the same thing that it was named after, Revelation. That which has been revealed to you is no longer occulted to you, thus the magus who places the utmost care in their vocations is free of sin as long as they continue to keep their eyes open tentatively, our minds eyes are just as important as our physical eyes.

Many Blessings to all, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I both invite and encourage questions and comments.
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