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Patricia shaffer's Angelic letter essences

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:45 pm
by Sbeldrise
As far as I am aware the letter essences are not original from Dee's journals.
However Some of her attributes actually seem to relate with the etymology of words from various old languages I.e

Pa, root of choice
(hebrew, bara, meaning to choose)

Veh, root of causation
(Sanskrit, krtva, meaning creating )

Gal, root of potential
(sumerian , Gal, meaning greatness)

Tal, root of knowledge
(sumerian, tal, meaning to know)

Ur, root of primacy
(Sumerian , ur meaning basis)
(Germanic, ur meaning primal original)

Nach, root of life
( Polynesian, Ha meaning "sacred breath of life that enlivens every living being and unites us all as one in spirit"

Ger, root of desire/love
(P.i.e, *kā-, meaning to like, desire

Drux, root of selfhood/ interiority
P.i.e , en/ inn meaning interior, inside , within

Is there any information remaining which explains how Patricia came to identify these attributes to the letters?