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Post#1 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:37 pm

There is a bit of an enigma in the Enochian system (hardly the only one, of course) in regards to the 65th Governor, who is, by right (in line with the appropriate sigil) LAXDIZI. However, the Governor PARAOAN, whose name is found using the "left-over" reversible letters on the Table, was given as the name for the 65th Governor, creating a contradiction. No explanation was given for this, which is why I'd like to start a discussion on it.

Generally speaking, I use LAXDIZI, as I can't justify using a different name with his sigil, lest they be the same entity. Even then, I'd still call PARAOAN the 92nd Governor, as opposed to the 65th, even if I were to use the same sigil for both.

Here's an image I made to illustrate the sigil and name:


So, how do other Enochian magicians work with this issue?


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