Compatibility of Enochian with Judeo-Christian Magick

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Compatibility of Enochian with Judeo-Christian Magick

Post#1 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 9:16 am

I wonder if the mambas on this board can enlighten an old fool.

I seem to work almost exclusively in a Judeo-Christian framework when I do magick. I guess I am heavily influenced by the GD, Solomonic Grimoires and more recently working with Saints as intermediaries. My usual frame of reference is the Qabalah.

I am looking at changing how I open the gates during rituals, because what I do seems to lack impact. I was going to start using the Open by the Watchtower, but the clear mixture of Qabalah and Enochian.

I don’t know much about Enochian, but I am wary of mixing systems that are not sympathetic to each other. So if I am setting up my temple to do some work with a spirit, or an ancestor, or whatever, is using a ritual based on Enochian suitable to bring forth entities and contacts that are not themselves Enochian Angels?

I would dearly love to find out that Enochian can be generically applied, but it is probably best to just ask and see :-)

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