II - What Enochian Is & What It Consists Of

Introductory course on Enochian Magic. A good place to start.
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II - What Enochian Is & What It Consists Of

Post#1 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 3:22 pm

I - What Enochian Is

There is no better place to begin here than by starting with the question: "What is Enochian?" To answer this, I will quote Fr. Neshamah when this question was asked on another forum, as I feel it is concise and yet detailed enough to answer the question appropriately:

"Enochian Magick is any attempt to communicate with the Enochian Angels in order to a. gain knowledge; b. perform some action (such as finding treasure - a goetic favorite); c. gain power (over others, etc.). The first one is acceptable to the Angels, and they will readily help you discover all kinds of 'hidden truths,' about yourself, and about the world. The second point is less apt to get a positive response since these particular beings aren't too keen on becoming 'errand boys' for anyone. Remember, THEY HAVE AN AGENDA, and they are as interested in using you for their agenda as you are interested in using them for yours. The last point is almost a non-issue since they will not help you gain power over others (and if you find an entity that will, it isn't an Enochian Angel)."

- Fr. Neshamah

The only thing I will add to this is a few words of "history". Enochian Magick was first "delivered", through a serious of skryings over a period of many years, to Dr. John Dee and his skryer, Edward Kelley (often spelled Kelly, though his original name was Edward Talbot). This occured during Elizabethan times (circa 16th Century CE), and, indeed, Dee was Court Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I herself, not to mention involved with many other affairs at the time (such as exploration of the New World, etc.). Both Dee and Kelley were Protestants, though it may be better to describe them as Deists, for their beliefs and practices did not entirely fall in line with mainstream Protestantism. This will be evident from the material involved with the Enochian system itself.

I hope that answers the general questions on what Enochian is. The next post here will deal more thoroughly with Dee, and the one following that will detail the basic layout of the system, before we explore it all in more detail in subsequent threads.


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