Continued success with NAP

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Continued success with NAP

Post#1 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:24 pm

Well the other thread is locked so I can't add to it, but my ex gf is now broke and the house is she is in is falling apart even further. When I say broke I mean $15,000 in the negative! Now this past Saturday I went to an auction to buy a piece of equipment that I really needed. I was afraid it would go very high so I did an invocation to Elubatel in my truck on the way to the auction. I asked that he make me successful in buying that piece of equipment for a low price by no one bidding against me. I get to the auction and prices are going insane! I watched a box of newspapers go over $100. A bookcase brought $1750! When the piece I was after came up I was nervous...I opened the bid at $100...not one person bid against me. So I got it for $100 even though I was prepared to pay much more for it. That's two times that Elubatel has came thru for me at an auction so I'm going to make him a spearmint scented candle and leave it burning on his sigil to say thanks.

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