Lucky Hoodoo grimoire (from the Vodoun Gnostic Workbook)

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Lucky Hoodoo grimoire (from the Vodoun Gnostic Workbook)

Post#1 » Mon May 07, 2018 12:58 pm

I've been working with the Lucky Hoodoo portion of this very strange book again recently. The Lucky Hoodoo grimoire Is the first chapter of the VGW and probably its least weird and most immediately practicable part. There's a basic opening ritual which introduces you to the spirits of the Lucky Hoodoo current and some instructions for practical results based magic, but the most interesting part for me are the effects of communication with these spirits - they produced some very interesting and palpable effects for me that I've only really experienced with some spirits in another tradition.

Bertiaux claiims that the LH spirits are connected to the water and earth elements, and I find this to be true. Working with them tends to enhance latent psychism and there's a pleasurable but disorienting hypnotic feeling that I associate with working with overdoing the water element via Bardon's pore breathing technique in Step 3 of IIH. After a while working with these spirits can leave one feeling in a perpetual dream-like state and less proactive than normal. (In Bardonian terms, you end up elementally imbalanced after a while.)

My purpose for working with them was really to get a visceral understanding of something Bardon says about active and passive clairvoyance. There's a clairvoyance that can be obtained by passively fixing your image on a surface of some kind which is what most people do when they skry - one basically becomes a passive vehicle for communication that is received from a spirit (which, incidentally, is why I believe people fail to see anything when they scry - there's nothing in the mirror/crystall ball to see).

I've experienced this type of clairvoyance before. There are spirits in Tantric traditions that can bring you visions (as long as you have their siddhi and can put yourself in the necssary state of mind), and there are a few of these in the Western tradition. They can be useful, but you're still limited in that you will only see see what these spirits are capable of seeing. I believe that Bardon meant something very different when he was talking about clairvoyance in IIH terms although I don't have experience of what precisely he meant.

The LH Spirits are very good at producing this passive type of clairvoyance. In some instances it almost feels that they "possess" one's spiritual eyes to produce these visions. It can be very disconcerting - and pretty hair raising at times - but if you haven't experienced skrying/clairvoyance before, it might be worth working with these spirits for the experience. They can be pretty hands on though, so be prepared for a little turbulence.

Has anyone else worked with these Spirits? What were your experiences of them?


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