NAP - just wow!

New Grimoires and techniques outlined in books like NAP, NIP, Frater Malak, etc.
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NAP - just wow!

Post#1 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:23 am

I just had an amazing success with this system and thought I should share.

Now, I'm all for freestyle and hoodoo in my witchcraft, but, in regards to spirit evocation, I'm more of a traditionalist, and I strive to follow the grimoires as close as possible. That being said, since NAP is held in such regard on this forum, I thought I would give it a whirl. It was a spur of the moment ritual to fix a seemingly unfixable issue that popped up today.


1. hand drawn Arzel sigil (thank you Raum215) - on the border I wrote the 79:10 psalm in my language
2. hand drawn Elubatel sigil (thank you Asterion and Vovin)
3. reciting "I am beginning the New Avatar Power Ritual. I call on the Inner Planes to witness. I state my purpose thus: ANKAR YHVH"
4. started relaxing while listening to a guided meditation Youtube video of the same ritual.
5. Read psalm 79 out loud. Called Arzel as per NAP. Stated I wanted him to bring Elubatel, Iaoth, Petayah and Opiel, for the purpose of (...)
6. Offered Arzel a tealight candle with a few drops of cedar essential oil.
7. Called Elubatel (with the general success incantation. added my wish at the end and specified I want everything to go smoothly with no trouble for me.
8. took a couple of minutes to imagine the desired outcome.
9. Called Iaoth, Petayah and Opiel with the general purpose incantation, stated my desire. Repeated three times.
10. took a couple of minutes to imagine the desired outcome.
11. offered Elubatel, Iaoth, Petayah and Opiel another tealight candle (with nothing added)
12. promised Arzel, Elubatel, Iaoth, Petayah and Opiel to bake them a cake once I have my wish fulfilled.
* I stated what kind of cake, but then the word "raisins" came to mind; that specific cake does not usually contain raisins, and I chose it because It's simple to make and I'm a terrible cook. So probably one of the spirits was expressing a wish too :D

That was it, really. I did not formally close the ritual, I did not dismiss, I did none of the ritual closing prayers. I just stood up and got busy with something else.

Lo and behold, two hours later (about an hour ago) I got my wish :shock: I'm not going to elaborate on that but it really was something highly improbable. The deadline I had required from the spirits was two days from now.

I expressed my gratitude to all 5 spirits and I'm currently chocking in frankincense. Guess tomorrow I'd better start baking! (God help me and the recipients...)

forgot to add: I did ritually wash my hands, feet and mouth before the ritual; also, I'm terrible at relaxing, yet the ritual still worked. This whole NAP system sounds corny and new-agey as hell, and I cannot say "New Avatar Power" with a straight face for the life of me, and yet...
Nullius in verba.

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