Mystic Grimoire Circle Question

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Mystic Grimoire Circle Question

Post#1 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:59 pm

There was a question in the MG thread that caught my attention:

sam akuffo wrote:Hi,has anyone noticed irregularity in the operational procedure when evoking the cosmic energies? At some point in time during the evocation you are asked to knock the table with your knuckles seven times. there is a mistake here. You have your circle which surrounds you and the alter table stands some two feet from the then are you going to knock the alter table? Because if you do so you will be stretching your hand beyond the protective circle. And this is dangerous as the spirits could manifest in you with its subsequent implications.Could the Gurus tell us what to do.It would be different if the circle is surrounding both the magician and the alter table.Frater Malak didn't recommend that. If there are no dangers involved in such arrangement someone should tell us.Vovin and BrotherButterball alley our fears.


sam Akuffo

I was reading the book and thought the same thing as Sam, about breaking the circle to knock on the altar. Unfortunately, nobody ever answered his question. I had asked this question in the thread, but it occurred to me that people may skip the thread and just look for individual questions, so it might be a long time before this gets answered, if never. Anyways, I emailed BBB about this, but he seems to be on hiatus. Vovin is also on hiatus for the time being. Can any of the other long time users comment about this?
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