How I Perform NAP For Maximum Effectiveness

New Grimoires and techniques outlined in books like NAP, NIP, Frater Malak, etc.
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How I Perform NAP For Maximum Effectiveness

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How I Perform N.A.P. for Maximum Effectiveness
by Brother Moloch 969

NAP is a plug n play system not unlike paint by numbers. This is MY method and I how I get it to work for me. I’ve blogged about as well as talked about it on my radio show in my website and in group chats over the years since I helped resurrect this and other modern grimoires to the occult community. I figured it was time to share how I got results with it on record.

The system is meant for even an abject novice to use and get results with as many have over the years since its first publication. However there are things once can do to improve any NAP ritual’s effectiveness and garner better chances of results. Mind you the end result may not be as grandiose or fantastic as you desire but the fact remains here are some great tips I have used to get this system to work well for me:

Step One: Define Your Goal As Precisely As Possible - this is a simple enough strategy. You need to know exactly what it is you want and are working for. Most people who claim they can’t get results with this (or any) occult system of practice tend to have muddy thinking and often a poorly understood goal let alone well defined goal. Thus take time and THINK about your goal and what it means to you. What is the end result you are seeking.

Step Two: Choose Which Power Chants You Wish to Use - some folks will only use one, I use three. The first incantation I use is for the matter at hand. It is directed for the desired result, period. The second incantation spoken immediately after the first is a backup to the first and usually it is the one for Success invoking Elubatel because you always want your working to come off successfully. Finally the last incantation I use is the General Purpose to add any ritual details that may be needed for the spirits such as if I am doing a working on love, I may want to specify that my love interest lives elsewhere and that I would like them to live in my same city or close so that we could visit more often as well as date.

Step Three: Perform the NAP Preliminary Rites - do the workings slowly to allow the power to build up until you feel it in your system. If you must imagine it with your mind, then do so because it is there. After you perform the Rite of the Headless One, you are ready to begin speaking your incantation.

Step Four: Speak your chosen incantation clearly. Recite each name three times and vibrate the name if possible; if you do not know how, try elongating each vowel in the name such as Nitika would be: Neee-Teeee-Kaaaah. At the end of each complete recitation of the incantation, here is where you will speak your desire plainly to the spirits attending. You will be saying this three times (since you’re speaking it fully three full times and there is power in repetition!)

Step Five: Thank the spirits for attending you and finish with doing something else. Do the ritual the same way each day until results happen. Realize this may take days, weeks or even months depending on the size and complexity of your request. Persevere and have faith.

    The instructions for performing The New Avatar Power Ritual are found on page 42 of the text.
    Additional Notes On The New Avatar Power Ritual can be found on page 43.
    The Preliminary Rites, such as the Central Pillar Ritual, the New Avatar Power Circulation Ritual, The New Avatar Power Fountain Ritual, and The Bornless One Incantation are listed on pp. 136-147.

[Mod Note: due to assertion of copyright privileges, we have preserved references to the appropriate pages but have removed large areas of text copied out of the book. We encourage all practitioners interested in this amazing work of modern occultism to obtain legal copies of the texts and enjoy the above guidelines as well. - S+A]
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