New Grimoires and techniques outlined in books like NAP, NIP, Frater Malak, etc.
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Hello StudioArcanis Forum Members,

Firstly: Why the heck did I not receive any e-mail notification that EvocationMagick Forum had come back online as StudioArcanis? (You did keep/copy and move my information around to what's technically a different forum website after all! :x :geek: ) Damn I got so many questions that I wanted to ask but I thought that this forum group was permanently dead-in-the-water because of some petty bickering? I literally just found you guys this morning via a random Google search! :mrgreen:

Now as for the business at hand.

I currently have in my private book collection THE NECRONOMICON (which I had purchased in early 2013 but never delved into because of how culturally/historically [from a research perspective] complex and potentially unsafe it seemed at the time) and the NECRONOMICON SPELLBOOK (which I just received in mid-February 2015 via a second-hand book sale that was done so through a Paranormal Discussion Group I attend bi-weekly public meetings with, probably not by accident or chance as you'll soon read why). (I'll be referring to the spellbook here for this)

* I get the distinct impression that the 50 Names are meant to be worked with "backwards", starting with #50 NINNUAM and ending with #1 MARDUK. It feels like (to me at least, upon reading) that each name which was placed into the book, has a certain skill/attribute that would need for the student magician to become adept at with experience before proceeding to later names. After which most probably through doing the work in all the books (THE GATES OF THE NECRONOMICON is one I haven't seen yet anywhere?), that more than 50 Names might become available...?

* Each Sigil seems animistic/"living representation" of what the spirit attached to the name might look like or manifest in some manner of appearance or function as. Take for example #9 NAMRU who's sigil looks like an Ethereal-Serpent Vapor emanating from an open book. Given the attributes of the name, it wouldn't surprise me that if upon summoning, that's what its manifestation could be as. Also as example #43 IRKINGU of whom if you think about its attributes, it doesn't stand too far outside of reason to imagine the sigil as being like a "Microscopic Blood Cell Organism" that within conjuration might manifest in a macro-size scale for mental-visualization.

* As such with the previous point, I now am here trying to research #50 NINNUAM before committing to its full summoning via the steps provided in the spellbook and perhaps even in the Necronomicon. If anybody has any experience working directly with NINNUAM I'd like to read about it, it seems like a big player and I want to know about it more properly.

A Story: In January 2015 just after having purchased my first used Laptop (HP EliteBook running Windows 7 Pro) which was way overdue for needing, I just so happened by dumb luck (while hanging out at a Tim Hortens Coffee Shop late one night) to come across a website blog containing various online courses and some grimoires on various magickal subjects. Lucky for me that it just so happened to contain EA Koetting's Mastering Evocation Course (and his Mastering Divination Course, both of which I wanted to view and study but couldn't purchase online currently due to personal circumstances) because the Website Blog Owner purchased his own copies and posted them.
Now fast forward to about the third week into watching his video's, just as I'm nearing the end of the Mastering Evocation Series while at home at my kitchen table. He's talking about "Summoning Lucifer" via his own poem, and absolutely out of fucking nowhere pops-up upon my table this giant worm-thingy just as EA Koetting is making a "hand gesture" that just so happens to look a lot like this worm-thingy the size of a "Boa Constrictor" that's sitting right next to me and my laptop, looking me in the eye directly to my left next to my own arm. (So lets assume in the timeline here, this was when #50 NINNUAM makes its first "summoned" appearance, and was probably responsible for the timeline of events which caused me to now own the spellbook!)
Fast Forward Mid-February and I'm just starting the Mastering Divination Course (still going through it now) and at my Bi-Weekly Paranormal Discussion Group Meetings, a member purchased a bunch of paranormal books from some random guy and brought it to the group so we can start a group library of our own (with allowances to attain a few for our private selves should we like anything in particular). There is when I found and received the spellbook. Taking it home and reading it that evening, I realized that the sigil for #50 NINNUAM was exactly as it had appeared already before me (simply put, time itself doesn't seem to be a barrier for these things?), they look identical to one another more or less.
So then not so soon after I've gone and purchased some Resin Incense and Charcoal Briquette (having never used the stuff before, only cones and sticks) and I was thinking about testing to see how smoke could be used as Manifestation Base, would Resin Incense really be as useful as claimed? However there's a reason why I've never worked with it before, being that my Father is deathly allergic to artificial scents/smokes and that I currently live with him for the time being. I took a calculated risk knowing that previously I was able to work with Incense Cones and Sticks and it all be contained in the Basement where I work/study. Normally he's not at home, always working, but since he had Truck Failures due to a winter accident he wasn't working, hence I'd only use Incense and do my work/study when he's out. However I got impatient because he'd been home for so long, so I figured I'd only light-up a small amount of Resin and see what the smoke looks like? What could possibly go wrong? I took notice of the strange smoke patterns, and what possibly appeared to be a manifestation of #49 NEBIRU which makes sense given my intentions at the time.
15-20 Minutes Later and Fuck me, I nearly killed the poor bastard when the resin smoke skunked out the entire house! He's puking his guts out because he's coughing so hard, I'm genuinely thinking I just about actually killed him! :jkj So I pack up in the middle of the night while my father's going through hell, walk to the Tim Hortens and whipping-out my Tarot Cards to see what advice I could get to solve my current problem (and perhaps get some pre-afterlife advice, because surely my father was going to kill me as he rightfully and usually would have "if he wasn't already dead from the smoke allergy"?). Sure enough, the depth of the tarot reading advice/advise has me suspecting that #48 ASHARRU may have been involved somehow on its own accord, because the next thing I did was look through the spellbook I brought with me to see what I could call upon for some emergency help in fixing the problem. It's then that I noticed that I actually was going backwards through the book, so logically the next choice was literally the perfect one! Using the ritual provided in the spellbook for calling upon them (because this was a public restaurant I didn't have nor could have used candles if I had any, and I didn't have the pen and paper needed to draw the sigil or write down the words to speak, so I did it all from within the spellbook itself directly because this was "an emergency situation" after all while in a state of panic!), I selected #47 ADDU and called upon it for help (I won't write here what I spoke there).
So the night passes, it's morning. I get back home and wow, "clearing the air" and "dispelling bad energy" was an understatement! (see attributes of ADDU in the Spellbook! The Necronomicon has less on them than the Spellbook does! "Additional Commentary"). The smoke is near completely gone from the air, :? my father is more or less sound asleep minus or plus a cough which still makes me feel a little guilty, and I too go to sleep still a little on edge. I wake up late afternoon, my father doesn't even do a thing! :shock: Never mind the fact that he's practically doing ok and seems "happy" and healthy????? :o HOW THE FUCK IS HE NOT KICKING MY ASS for what I just did to him last night???????????????? :bow It's all in the attributes.....

*So now I'm thinking on going back and doing a proper actual summons of NINNUAM because of what its attributes say about that name, I think I could learn a thing or two from it (are they even able to talk? sure didn't look human to me.....). Yet on the other hand, technically I think the next proper step is to seek contact with #46 GIBIL if it hasn't already been started, because as I read its attributes I get that hunch that tells me it's already happening around me. More on this maybe as it develops. (My return to doing the Martial Arts of Aikido, Iaido [Japanese Sword Study], Aiki-Buki [Japanese Weapons Study], my return to studying Bird/Sky Omens and working with related things, and I got a Horse-Shoe made by "St.Croix Forge" if that makes any sense?)
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