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New Ishtar Power

Post#1 » Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:01 pm

I have been working with the New Ishtar Power Altar Star from the book "The Magic of New Ishtar Power" by Al Manning. Particularly with the being of the star named Isis. Her energy is incredible. She has been working with me on a specific desire that I have. I was going to ask her about the best form of magick to use to achieve this particular desire of mine and she said that I should not need to use any other forms of magick than this star. She doesn't want me to flail about, going from system to system and while not gaining anything (due to lack of focus).

She says that any desire I have can be fulfilled in a good way with this power star. She said there are no morals when working with the star but that the star's energies avoid causing destruction. So we get what we want in a constructive manner.

This includes desires for women, wealth, and luxuries. Also for protection and healing (I have seen a miracle or two of healing from it's use). There is no limit to what can be achieved with the star when we understand the energies and principles behind it.

Ishtar said that the energies of each point of the star represent the energies that correspond with each of the chakras. She said the energies of the chakras also correspond to the energies of the 8 celestial bodies. And that the 8 celestial bodies correspond to and are manifestations of the 8 primary energies or frequencies upon which this entire universe and beyond are constructed.

So in working with the star we are not working with just the chakras or just the planets or just an egregor. We are working with the 8 ancient and eternal frequencies which are the blueprint which all life in this universe was created from.

The 8 beings whose names we find around the star allow us to work with these Universal Frequencies on a personal level. Because although the Frequencies themselves have no name or form, they take on the names and forms we ascribe to them.

Every desire that a living being of this universe is capable of can be attained through the usage and manipulation of these 8 Frequencies, from the primal desire of sex and the fulfillment of lust, to the achievement of lust, or the lofty goal of enlightenment.

I have been playing around with the star off and on for a while but never until today have I seen what this star truly is. I am continuing to work with Isis of this New Ishtar Power star and I am excited to see what new revelations will follow. So far the results are very promising and I can feel myself changing on a deep level.

What experiences have you all had working with this book or any other books from this Author?

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