The Evocation of Elubatel

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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The Evocation of Elubatel

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Last night I evoked Elubatel. The sixth and seventh book of Moses describe him as a mighty angel of omnipotence. I have been working with this remarkable spirit for about two years now with the NAP book with fantastic results, this mostly being career orientated. And although I feel I have always had an affinity for this Angel last night was the first time I evoked the spirit in the traditional sense. When the Angel appeared I was very taken aback by its appearance, he had a very regal and prestigious demeanour. The feeling I got was that he was very much in line or even higher up the Hierarchy than the classical Archangels. He appeared in a brilliant white light with multiple wings very much like a seraphim, His brightness enveloped everything around me I remember looking down at my hands and I couldn’t see them the light was so enveloping. I am just summarising a couple of my questions, there was some more information that was personal to myself and this I am not at liberty to divulge.

My first question was what correspondences and attributions would you be associated with.

I have no affinity to anything in particular I resonate with all colours and all things but you can draw my Seal in Gold, Purple and Yellow. I also like the fragrance of Sandalwood and offerings of sweet fruit and sweet things.

What is your office and council?

I grant prestigious titles and council to the worthy. I build and destroy and bind. I grant titles of high council and honour. This is granted through virtue, these titles are not granted to all. But only to the worthy. (I had a feeling this wasn’t to be taken lightly). I am the light of the morning sun. We are all a part of this light, it shines deep within all, I am you and you are a part of me. We are all pure light, the light that flows through all things. My office is to manifest this light in dark desolate places. (I was struggling to keep up with the pace of the dialogue so excuse my notes) His answers were fast and his wording was far better than this summary.

Who is the true Christ?

He is the truth manifest through flesh. He is unity that binds all to the one, a love not understood and comprehended by most of mankind. He is known to us as a pure essence, the unity of all things, the force that moves and creates worlds to the life that springs forth from a seed he is all things to all men although his true meaning has been hidden and is only revealed to the few. (I wasn’t too sure about this response I probably need to dwell on it a bit more)

You are known to grant success can you give me more information how you grant this?

Success is granted at a price or a sacrifice or the offering of one thing for another. This could be your time or with hard labour and effort. (My own experience proves this)

How do you prefer to be called?

Approach me not in worship or tribute, but approach me in honouring the one true name the one true God (I had a feeling this was not a physical name but the very manifestation of God kind of like the feeling you get when vibrating YHVH or Adonai)
He addressed me and asked if that was all I indicated that I was done I thanked him and he departed immediately. I had an amazing feeling of euphoria after this working and felt greatly energised. This is all I will share for now I hope you gain some benefit from this. This was probably one of the most humbling experiences in all my workings to date.
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