Angelic guardians of nations

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Angelic guardians of nations

Post#1 » Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:34 pm

I open this topic with something which is relevant for today.

Today is 27 February. One of the guardians of this day is angel Nemamiah.

And Nemamiah is a guardian of Sirenians.

But what does that mean? Who are Sirenians?

Different ethnological tables have offered various identifications of nations. They are based on the Bible (Gen. X), where 70 or in other versions 72 grandsons of Noah were enumerated, each of whom became the ancestor of a nation. There are 15 descendants by Japhet, 30 by Cham, 27 by Sem, though the numbers can vary a bit. Jewish and Christian thinkers determined the number of 70 or 72 existing nations and languages. According to Jewish cabalists, each of the 70 or 72 nations is placed under the protection of a special angel, except for Israel, whose protector is YHVH (God Himself).

An ethnological table was also given by A. Kircher and is related to 72 Shemhamphorash angels.

According to Kircher’s insights, the 72 Shem angels rule over the 72 nations. What Kircher meant by nations do not apply to what we mean by nations in modern terms. They should be more regarded as “groups of people”, “tribes”, or “ethnicities”. Some nations mentioned by Kircher had been extinct a long time before his own time (such as Etruscans), while others were unusually modern at that time (such as Californians and Canadians). Kircher also named magi, philosophers and cabalists as successors of three tribes which supposedly existed by those names once in the past.

However, the most interesting group of people mentioned by A. Kircher are Sirenians.

They are sea men and sea women. They live in the water and have civilization under the sea. They resemble a human being with webbed feet. Unlike fish, they live outside the water, since they were often seen in 17th century sunning themselves.
They are different from the Merfolk, because they do not have a fish's tail.

They are similar with the Philippine's Kataw, because they also have human feet and not fish's tails.

It seems like A. Kircher reflected Jesuits' thoughts from his own time that Sirenians were real. It looks like that they did not doubt about their existence.

But who exactly can be certain about what we can find deep in the oceans? If we cannot spot something with our physical eyes, it does not mean it does not exist.

Their name comes from the Greek Sirena, but they look different, because they are very human-like.

It seems like that after the Fall of Bible Tower, a group of people decided to leave the land and populate the sea. Probably a smart decision :) And they are Sirenians.

So, if you have some more information about Sirenians, it would be nice you could share.

All other things you would like to add related to this topic, it would be also very nice.
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