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Advice on Saturn talisman

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:12 am
by Bumper
So this Saturday is looking like a great time for me to make a Saturn talisman (6.38am AEST). Day and hour of Saturn, with Saturn a +5 and Jupiter a +7. From the reading I have been doing, Jupiter or Venus needs to be well aspected to garner the positive aspects of Saturn. The moon is well aspected.

My conundrum is that lead is downright toxic to work with, engraving and sanding etc but lead is suggested as the preferred Saturn metal for a Solomonic talisman. I have plenty of good quality tin sheeting, which plays nicely to the super well aspected Jupiter. So I am tempted to engrave the Saturn talisman on tin. Or should I play it safe and make the Saturn talisman on consecrated parchment?