Jupiter in Sagittarius elections

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Jupiter in Sagittarius elections

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Jupiter is in his own sign for a whole year (though he is retrograde for about a third of it). This is a great time for making Jupiter talismans for wealth, prosperity, abundance and spirituality.


"The second is called the table of Jupiter, which consists of a quaternian drawn into it self, containing sixteen particular numbers, and in every line, and diameter four, making thirty four. Now the sum of all is 136. And there are over it divine names with an Intelligence to good, with a Spirit to bad, and out of it is drawn the Seal of Jupiter, and the spirits thereof.

They say that if it be impressed upon a Silver plate with Jupiter being powerful, and ruling, it conduceth to gain, and riches, favor, and love, peace, and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honors, dignities, and counsels, and dissolve enchantments if it be engraven on a coral." - 3 Books of Occult Philosophy

Picatrix (translated by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnock):

"Under the influence of Jupiter, make the figure of a crowned man sitting on a throne with four feet carried by four winged men and the man who is sitting on the throne is raising his hands as though he were praying. Make it in the hour of Jupiter when Jupiter is rising in his exaltation and make it in a clear and white stone. Those who carry this image will have increase of riches and honour and lead a good life, and have many sons, and be able to perform good things and not be injured by enemies."

The elections for London, UK are as follows:

10:17am on 26 December 2018. The Moon is peregrine, waning, and makes an applying trine to the Sun. Jupiter is culminating, strong in the sign of his rulership and in his own terms. Jupiter makes no applying aspects to any planets. It is the hour of Jupiter.

06:08am on 30 December 2018. The Moon is peregrine, waning, and makes an applying sextile to Mercury. Jupiter is rinsing and makes no other aspects. Jupiter is strong in the sign of his rulership and in triplicity, and it is the hour of Jupiter.

You will need to rectify these elections for your location. The first by drawing a chart for that day and getting Jupiter on the midheaven, the second by getting Jupiter on the ascendant. You may also want to double check that there are no harsh aspects to the Moon depending on where you are. Alternatively you can PM me and I can do it for you for a small fee, but it is better to try to learn to do it yourself.

More information here. Make the most of them. I have an intution that things will become increasingly volatile until around 2020 when we have the Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Pluto conjunctions and probably some sort of crash.


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