Timing talismans and various results

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Timing talismans and various results

Post#1 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:56 am

Recently I've been playing with planetary seals (not the malefic) and connecting this very simple practice with the Tahateel invocations found in the Nineveh Shadrach material. I find those names really nice, as they invoke the powers of the planets, while if you want personally, you can also make the seals. Nineveh proposes talismans with Solomonic symbols... I will work with these in some good timings, no rush. In the meantime, the Tahateel names work really great for invoking powers - although, with varying success. Sometimes the results are blasting, and sometimes weak.

Also given are the Tahateel names to charge talismans, so it can be as simple as just setting up an altar, making a preliminary prayer to God, an planetary invocation given in the book - and then making the talismans and charging with those names. At least it worked like a simple charm to me. Some of the best results I had with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, and weaker with the Sun and Moon. But in overall, I am satisfied with this practice, although it is not as interesting to me as working with Islamic magic. I cannot say I am yet prepared for it. Even the malefics can be hard at times, and Islamic magic is way harder... I do not fear the malefics, I just don't somehow work with them yet - I had my karma lessons already, and do not lack the drive really. But the benefics, in my opinion, are good to have around always magically, in magical, charged objects.

Well, what I wanted to post here is this - I did not really entirely rely on timing in doing those talismans. Yes, some did lose their power, but I think this was because I wasn't truly initiated in those spheres so they showed me their powers, and then left me to construct talismans again when properly initiated. I did experiment quite with seals of the planets and their signs, I personally found this to be the same, although I prefer seals.

Something great about these invocations given in the Shadrach material, is that through them, you recharge your talismans with every ritual you do, so you keep them active.

But you know what bothers me :cry: .... I am not sure if the new ones I make will succeed or not. If I wanted to do a talisman for my friends and family, I am worried they might lose their power.

So here we come to timing, in my own construction of my own talismans (and they work fine, really), sometimes I did rely on timing while other times not so much. I always do them in a waxing phase though. But in the process of constructing them, I sometimes destroyed perfectly well made talismans just to do others "in a better state and timing" and to see them fail. So sometimes, my ritual can be a mess as my mind is somewhere else but they still succeed, and other times when I am fully concentrated and in a zen-like state, they fail.

In another words: Scattered mind + mediocre timing can result in success, as well as a focused mind + mediocre timing (or even good one) can result in failure. :?

I welcome any suggestions and comments you might have, as I really do appreciate your opinion. I would like to have continued success in doing these for other people, and when the timing is also proper, to make successful Solomonic ones for myself. I don't know why, but I think those will be slightly more powerful than the seals, as I have worked with those symbols previously, and they are beyond fascinating. Again, varied, but fascinating results. I would like to find other uses to them other than inscribing them on candles, and even while on wax, they can act extremely powerful with or even without ritual (I used The Shield of The Magi, and Banishing found in Shadrach's materials)! Beyond words, something mesmerizing! I also am curious if any of you worked with the Tahateel names for invoking the powers, and was it varying in success. Sheesh, a proper mage shoud be able to have success any time. :D

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