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Voice of angels + general purpose angels?

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:43 am
by Tamatoa
Hi everyone,

1. How do angels sound like? I heard that they communicate via telepathy. But how do you know it’s their voice instead of your own thoughts? What are some distinct characteristics of angelic telepathic messages/voices?

2. Have any of you ever heard audible angel voices? Do they sound male? Female? Do they mostly sound like children? Or teenagers? Young adults? Adults? Or like wise old people?

3. I’m quite an indecisive person, and very often I encounter instances in my life in which I’m stuck when weighing the pros and cons between 2 different options, i.e.:

- Accepting a job offer at company A vs company B

- Deciding to commit to girl A or B

- Moving to apartment A or B


When it comes to getting insights for situations as the above, who are the best “general purpose” angels? i.e.: angels that can:

* provide celestial/heavenly insights about things (both pluses and minuses) that I might have overlooked regarding any 2 (or more!) options

* Future probabilities about what could happen, if I choose any of 2 (or more!) given options

(I do have Damon Brand books, so please feel free to recommend any of the angels in his book. But I’d also love to know about angels that are not in his books!)