A guide to creating a talisman of Saturn

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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A guide to creating a talisman of Saturn

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This is taken from a longer post here.

To keep this simple and for the sake of clarity we’ll assume you’re in need of a good dose of discipline and have decided to construct a talisman of Saturn to imbue yourself with these qualities. Luckily, Saturn is essentially strong in his domicile at the moment, and I’ve provided a number of elections to choose from here and here.

The second thing to consider is the materia we use to construct the talisman. In this case we might decide to use a suitable planetary metal or gem. In the case of Saturn, we might use lead or blue sapphire. If we cannot get these, we might use paper and black ink to draw images and inscribe names, since the colour black is associated with Saturn. (You can find traditional correspondences in the Picatrix, Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, and many other traditional sources.) We may also consider using myrrh as an incense and myrrh oil as an anointing oil to suffumigate and consecrate our talismans this resin is associated with Saturn.

The next thing we want to consider are the invocations, the spiritual beings we want to call upon that are consonant with the nature of the planet, and images that we will use to direct the planetary influence. The Picatrix has general invocations that are addressed to the planets and calls upon Angelic rulers and spirits that are unique to the Picatrix, but you can also use Qabalistic God names and Hebrew Angels, or an address or prayer to a Saturnine deity from the pantheon of your own tradition. You may use Agrippa’s planetary tables and planetary spiritual hierarchy in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy as a source for your talismanic images, or one of the images of Saturn described in the Picatrix, or even an image that describes the intended effect, e.g., an image of a person hard at work.

Once the hour of Saturn begins we start our invocations and call upon any Saturn angels and spirits we deem appropriate, we ask them for assistance with our goals, and, when the elected time has arrived ,we start inscribing our talisman aiming to have completed the construction as close as possible to the time of the election (generally it’s OK to begin 5 minutes before and end 5 minutes after this time).

The talisman constructed, we suffumigate it and anoint it with oil, and ask the Spirits we have called to imbue the talisman with their influence so that it aids us in our intended goal.

Now that the talisman has been created, it is the home of a celestial spirit who will aid you in developing your discipline. It is a living being and the chart of the election is in a sense its natal chart. According to tradition, electional astrology and the creation of images was used to house gods. Treat your talisman accordingly.
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