Therapeutic Saturnine Magic

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Therapeutic Saturnine Magic

Post#1 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:29 am

I decided to start this thread because I did not want to derail the Elubatel thread. Given that Saturn has just moved into Capricorn it is perhaps a good time to consider the implications of such a movement at this time. I am not claiming to be an astrologer. I am a magician that uses planetary magic but have extended it a bit more than in most text books.
I am not a psychotherapist so would suggest that those who are suffering from depression should see an accredited psychotherapist and try them first. However if your depression is as a result of magic then check out the thread as it unfolds.
The problem is that most magicians are not accredited psychotherapists and most psychotherapists are not competent magicians. I would not wipe my ass with any psychotherapist that claims to be a competent magician as those that I have met have just been bullsh*tters that are easily exposed. Beside it is axiomatic in magic it is more efficient to go to one’s peers when on has a problem that needs solutions. No one here should by hair restorer from a bald headed salesman.
Ok. So let the thread begin. As usual I welcome debate as it can clarify so very much.
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