Evocation of Cassiel

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.
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Evocation of Cassiel

Post#1 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:34 pm

This thread may cause some controversy so brace yourselves. I'm just sharing my experience.

Method: Trithemius (Seven Spheres style)
Time: Day of Saturn but not the hour due to time constraints.
Crystal: Black Obsidian
Incense: White Sage. For no other reason than it was all I had.
Additions: Pendulum. I find it great for getting concrete answers that aren't vague or self deluding thoughts from an interior monologue.

This is part of a much larger working to secure my first property. The night prior I had been reading about Cassiel from Gateways through Light and Shadow. In this account Chassan's scryer describes a black man (Cassiel) consecrating a solomonic style knife in a vision. It also placed much emphasis on crossroads. The next day I had planned on pissing on the property I want and declaring it as mine. That night I dreamed that a black man was pissing on my childhood home with a smile on his face.

The spirit's presence was felt immediately. The evocation was momentarily interrupted by someone outside. I apologized. I saw faint images of skull faces, Jack Skelington and Grim. Saw a sythe and a cross. I also saw the faces of old but healthy men with strong beards. I apologized for not better understanding its influence last time I called it (2 maybe 3 years ago). Asked it to help me be less fearful and more understanding of all things Saturn. It agreed.

I then asked it to bind the price of the property and other potential bidders from bidding any higher. The pendulum swung 'no'. I could not discern a reason as to why with questions. I asked if it would help me secure the house in some other way, it said 'yes'. I asked that this be not in any way which causes harm to others.

I asked the spirit to help me see it better. As the hour of Saturn got closer a single strong wind blew and a dog barked. The presence grew immediately thicker. I was startled by what appeared to be a black man emerging from the ToP, from head to shoulders. Jolted out of my trance it disappeared. But images of a Golly like character appeared in the crystal. I asked it if there is a link between Legba and Cassiel and are they the same. 'Yes' to both.

I see a silhouette play out. Gargoyle like daimons with pitchforks and weapons fight. A shrouded figure. Then a dark angel with dark wings. It flares it's wings and the creatures recoil in fear.

I ask to spirit to make things clearer to me in dream if possible.

Bid license to depart.


After some thought I think it worth noting that Legba and Cassiel being the same may or may not mean they are the same entity. It could simply mean that they hold similar office. Or something else entirely. This is the part that I expect to cause controversy, and in truth it surprised me too.

It is also possible that I was speaking to an lying spirit imposing as Cassiel. But I don't think that's the case.

It's still early days but as yet I cannot find anything in my dreams which may relate to this. Except that is, a dream involving a large black cat but that could be something else entirely. Time will tell.

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